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Tenyks is an IRC bot written in Go. It relays messages between services and IRC.
Quasar is the Go library for writting services for Tenyks.
Tenyks Service is the Python library for writting services for Tenyks. Most services are currently written in Python.
SUFR is a self-hosted bookmarking program written in Go. It's simple to install and run because it's a single binary with no external requirements. It uses BoltDB under the hood for storage.
Solarwind is a static site generator written in Go. It keeps things simple by compliling .md (markdown) to html and just copying html files into a public directory.
OlegDB is a key/value store backed by a splay tree and kooky hash table. It is written in C and has a Go front-end. OlegDB also offers liboleg for embedding the database in your program.