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Tenyks - The IRC Bot for Hackers.
Tenyks is an IRC bot written in Go. It relays messages between services and IRC.

OlegDB - The ugly Duckling Database.
OlegDB is a key/value store backed by a splay tree and kooky hash table. It is written in C and has a Go front-end. OlegDB also offers liboleg for embedding the database in your program.

Shitbucket - Minimal Fucking Bookmarking.
Shitbucket is a self-hosted and vulgar bookmarking application that you, yes YOU, can run yourself. It's powered by an OlegDB backend and written in Go. It's contained in a single Go file called shitbucket.go. Please do not use Shitbucket as an example of my coding abilities.

Solarwind - Minimal Fucking Static Site Generation.
Solarwind is a very minimal markdown to html generator for really fast static websites and blogs.

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